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Inspired by Tealive’s Signature Brown Sugar Series, Tealive’s My Bubble Tea Kit is specially curated for tea lovers to recreate their favourite brews right in the comfort of their own home! Isolation can be still taste great! All orders are shipped direct to your door with FREE SHIPPING.

What’s Inside the
Bubble Tea Kit?

  • Recipes to make the following Tealive drinks
    • The Original Bang Bang Brown Sugar Fresh Milk.
    • Bang Bang Brown Sugar Nishio Matcha Latte
    • Bang Bang Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte
    • Pearl Honey Tea Latte
    • Bang Bang Brown Sugar Coffee
    • Bang Bang Brown Sugar Avocado Fresh Milk
    • Strawberry Matcha Almond Latte
    • Strawberry Chocolate Soy Latte
    • Pearl Strawberry Tea Latte
    • Pearl Almond Chocolate
    • Honey Soy Coffee Latte
    • Choc Shaka Lava
    • Strawberry Choc Shaka Lava
  • 1kg Tealive pearls
  • 500g brown sugar
  • 25 straws
  • FREE GIFT – 2x Tealive Cardholders
  • Each bubble tea kit can make 25 servings
  • 100g Imported Japanese Nishio matcha
  • 250g premium Tealive cocoa powder
  • 2 Tealive Dimbula Ceylon Blend (Black Tea) bags
  • Cooking Instructions Online